About Us

Beauty2TRS is an online learning platform for nail students and professionals to find and connect with real educators and professionals in the industry to continue their learning.

At Beauty2TRS, we want to offer students a platform to come to, to find talented, qualified, passionate educators offering the latest techniques, trends and industry information.

Beauty2TRS offers a wide range of classes such as:

  • Nail Art Classes
  • Design Classes
  • Structure Classes
  • Business Classes
  • Anatomy and Pathology Classes
  • Product Specific Education Classes
  • And so much more, all delivered through the Beauty2TRS platform.

Our vision is to make education:

  • Accessible (from the comfort of your own home)
  • Affordable (no hotels, not flights, no travel, no classical classroom costs)
  • Convenient (accessible for a period of one year – when and where you want).

Social Media has opened our eyes to educators and techniques across borders, but unfortunately we are not all in a position to travel to these educators. Beauty2TRS brings your favourite educator into the comfort of your own home at a time that’s convenient for YOU!

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