FAQ - Instructors

Can I mention the brands I use?
Absolutely – Students truly want to know what you used and how you used these products or product lines. Not every student has access to all brands, so where possible you can also explain what the specific qualities are of these products in order to achieve the same result e.g. “The gel paint is highly pigmented and you can therefore create beautiful thin lines. It also has a thicker consistency which gives you great control over the product”. So, in this way the student knows what you have recommended and if they cannot get it they can try with a product that has a similar characteristic.

How long will students have access to my classes?
Students have 1 year access to your class. With recorded classes the countdown begins on the date the class is purchased. With Live Classes the countdown begins on the day the live class is given.

What does a typical Beauty2trs class look like?
A typical Live Class has anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours of content.

For Beauty2trs Live Classes, the classes are conducted live through your camera to an online classroom of students who enrolled. Expect to get questions and interact with your students.

Are there any costs involved in creating classes on Beauty2trs?
Creating a class is entirely free for our instructors and there are never any maintenance fees.

You keep between 60 – 75% of the revenue from your students who enroll your Beauty2trs class.

Beauty2trs handles all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees, and gives you access to the complete feature set of Beauty2trs including the mobile responsive version of your courses – all for no additional cost!

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