Beauty2TRS Icebreaker #1 with Tracy Shelverton ​ 2

Beauty2TRS Icebreaker #1 with Tracy Shelverton ​

This icebreaker event is passed, however you can find the information and recording here below:

We joined Tracy Shelverton (natural nail guru) as she discussed how anatomy and pathology will help you recognize problems in and around the natural nail, helping you improve your salon services and make you stand out from the rest.

We discussed:

  • Tracy’s background
  • Tracy’s journey into nails
  • What it took to get Tracy to where she is now
  • Challenges/struggles she has faced
  • More about what her upcoming class “Anatomy & Pathology Summer Camp” is all about
  • Why Anatomy & Pathology is essential in our daily salon life
  • Q&A from live attendees

Here is a recording of our icebreaker.