Instructor Handbook

Getting Started

This section of the handbook will go over the following:

  1. What is Beauty2trs
  2. Live Classes vs Recorded Classes

What is Beauty2trs
Classes on Beauty2trs, give you the opportunity to learn in an intimate online setting in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you decide to join in). Just like an in-person class, you need to be present in order to be able to interact with your instructor in real time.

Live Classes vs Recorded Classes
Beauty2trs offers two types of classes:

  1. Live Classes – this allows you to interact with your instructor in real time. Dates and times are set by the instructors, so ensure that you have selected the correct time zone to join in on the live class.
  2. Recorded Classes – there are two types of Recorded Classes.
  • classes that have been recorded during previous live sessions. These classes will be uploaded and you will have unlimited access within 24-48 hours after the start time of the live class for a period of one year.
  • classes that have been pre-recorded.

Students that purchase “Live Classes”, but may have missed them will still be able to view the class in the recorded version. All students will have access to the “Recorded Class”. Classes are available for a period of 1 year after the date of purchase of the “Recorded Class” and 1 year after the “Live Class” takes place.

Creating Your Class

This section of the handbook will go over the following:

  1. How to create a Live Class
  2. How to create a Pre-Recorded Class
  3. Editing Class Details
  4. Creating Class Updates

How to create a Live Class
In this article, we’re going to show you how to create your own “Live” Beauty2trs class.

  1. Log into and click on “Dashboard”.
  2. Select “Instructor Tools” on left-hand menu bar.
  3. Select “+Add A New Class”. This will take you to our class creator where you will fill out the required information for creating your class.
  4. Title of Class – Enter a clear and concise, but eye-catching title for your class. The more detailed the title, the more interest you create.
  5. Class Category – Select the category that best suits your class.
  6. Class Summary – Enter a very short sentence on exactly what the class is about in 1 – 2 sentences.
  7. Class Description – Enter 5 – 6 sentences detailing how the class will benefit your students, and what they will be able to do with what they’ve learned after the class has concluded.
  8. Regular Price – Enter the price of the class, keeping in mind that all prices are listed in Euros and are excluding VAT/TAX.
  9. Max Students (Optional) – Enter the maximum number of students that can attend for your class. It is set at 100 as this is the maximum capacity for the Webinar.
  10. Certificate – Are you planning on issuing certificates for this class? Yes/No?
  11. Language – Select the language you are planning on conducting the training in. Should you wish to conduct a class in a language not listed, please contact the Beauty2trs Team with your request.
  12. Click “Next Step”.
  13. The Schedule section is where you can schedule a single one-part class or a multi-part class. Remember to ensure you have the correct time zone. The timezone is listed in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  14. Class Type – Live Class.
  15. Class date – Enter the date of the class.
  16. Start time – Scroll along the scroll bar to the correct time or simply enter the start time for the class.
  17. Length – Enter the length of your class in minutes (ie: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 90 minutes). If you have multiple parts of your class, you would repeat this process for each part.
  18. Click “Add this class” to set your class schedule.
  19. Click “Next Step”.
  20. What Students Get – These items are automatically selected, but can be deselected if not relevant for your class by clicking in the check box.
  21. Custom Features – these are additional features that students may receive during your class not mentioned in the “What Students Get” section:
    e.g. Handout with various hand poses
    e.g. Handout to practice mix ratio
  22. Class Breakdown – Breakdown your class into parts that you will cover and teach. Think of this step as a step-by-step breakdown of the actual class, or maybe the broken down sections of chapter in a textbook.
  23. How to earn a certificate – if you have indicated that students may achieve a certificate for this class, this is where you will explain what they need to do to achieve it.
    e.g. Post a picture of two of these designs in my Beauty2trs Student Group for feedback and to achieve a certificate for this class.
  24. Student objectives – This is a list of what the students will need to do and the goals that are expected. It should be as detailed and instructional as possible to what students will need to do to complete this class.
  25. Supplies Needed – Provide a list of supplies that students will need during your class. Click on “+” sign to enter additional items.
    e.g. For a Sculpting Class:
    Cover Polymer
    White Polymer
    Application Brush
    Prep Products
  26. Click  “Next step”.
  27. Class Image – This is a thumbnail that will be seen when enrolling in your class. By default, this will show as a rectangular image that is automatically cropped by the Beauty2trs platform. The recommended size for this image is 1280px * 720px.
  28. Class Image Gallery – This allows you to upload more images for your class. The recommended size for this image is 1280px * 720px.
  29. Documents – Any PDFs or images that you would like to share with your students can be uploaded here (max. 2MB per document).
  30. Once done, click “Create Class”, or if you need to review first, just click “Save Draft”.
  31. We will be reviewing your submitted class in the next 2-3 business days letting you know if you need to make any modifications to your class. If you have any questions, email
  32. When your class is published you will receive an email from Beauty2trs to let you know.

How to create a Pre-Recorded Class
The only difference in class creation between the “Live Classes” and “Pre-Recorded” classes happens at Class Type.

  1. Class Type – Recorded.
  2. Select “Upload Class Video”. This opens up your browser into a WeTransfer Screen where you can send up to 2GB of data for free. Should your video be larger than 2GB, please mail us at for alternative options. It is also possible to continue with the class creation and send the video at a later stage.Instructor Handbook 1
  3. Click “I agree”.

    Instructor Handbook 2

  4. The “To” field is autofilled to the Beauty2trs email address.
  5. Click on “+” to upload your file.
  6. Enter your email.
  7. The message is autofilled with Beauty2trs name and your name as the sender, please just fill in the class name in the message.
  8. Click on “Transfer”.
  9. Continue with the Class Creation as mentioned above.

Editing Class Details
It is possible to edit a class once it has been created. It is important to note that when editing a class, it will be removed temporarily from the available class list until the edit has been approved. Please bear in mind that students that have already purchased the class will also not have access to the class until it is published again. Contact Beauty2trs Support Team if changes are required to purchased classes.

To edit a class:

  1. Log in to your Instructor Account.
  2. Go to your “Dashboard”.
  3. Click on “Instructor Tools”.
  4. Click on “Edit”.Instructor Handbook 3
  5. Make the necessary changes and select “Save Draft” should you wish to review, or “Update Class” if you are satisfied with the changes.
  6. You will receive an email from Beauty2trs once the class has been published again.

Creating Class Updates
You may wish to send your students updates on a class before the class begins, or during progressive classes. It may be a reminder of preparation that they needed to do, or a message letting them know how excited you are.

To create a “Class Update”:

  1. Login to your Instructor Account.
  2. Go to “Dashboard”.
  3. Go to “Instructor Tools”.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.Instructor Handbook 4
  5. Class – Click on the dropdown menu to select the relevant class.
  6. Title – what is the point of the update.
  7. Class Update – information on what the update is about.
  8. Click “Update Your Class”.
  9. All updates can be viewed in the “Class Updates” menu in your Dashboard.

Marketing Your Class

Marketing your class both on and off of Beauty2trs is the first step towards becoming a successful

instructor. Your goal is to give your class credibility by attracting an initial base of students who are leaving positive class reviews.

  1. Additional Marketing Tips
  2. How Does Beauty2trs Support Me and My Classes?

Additional Marketing Tips
Check out these additional marketing tips for more creative ways to get the word out about your class:

  • Promo Posts – Beauty2trs will create a social media promo post of your class which you will be able to share to your social media channels.
  • FB Events – Create an “events” on your Facebook Page for your Live Class.
  • Your website – Permanently feature your class on your website or blog to continually drive new students to your class.
  • Your Networks – Think about the networks you belong to, organize, or have access to – online forums, mailing
  • lists, Facebook groups, Meetups, etc. – and send them an email or message about your class.
  • Email Signature – Put your class link in your email signature.

How Does Beauty2trs Support Me and My Classes?
The Beauty2trs team is here to support our instructors in any way possible, from administrative to

  • Administrative Support:
    1. Customer support is provided for you and your students to ensure the success of your classes.
    2. Student payments are processed so that your students become enrolled in your classes seamlessly.
    3. The video streaming platform and the website platform are all handled by the Beauty2trs team.
  • Marketing Support:
    1. Bi-Weekly Newsletter is sent to announce all new classes.
    2. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are used to announce all upcoming classes.
    3. Promotion via articles in trade magazines of the platform and the featured Instructors.
    4. Graphics for your classes are available on request for use on your own social media accounts and newsletters.

Preparing For Your Class

This section of the handbook will go over the following:

  1. Testing Your Internet Speed
  2. Setting up Zoom
  3. What to expect from Zoom

Testing Your Internet Speed
In order to ensure streaming video clarity, we strongly recommend instructors be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi (strong signal) or Ethernet Cable (Cellular Data Connection is not consistent).  As well, you’ll want to check your internet speed by going to – simply head to this page and click on the button that says “Begin Test”.

Recommended Connection Speeds (
– Your PING to be about 20ms or LOWER
– Your DOWNLOAD SPEED to be about 20mbps or HIGHER
– Your UPLOAD SPEED to be about 10mbps or HIGHER

We strongly DO NOT SUGGEST you to stream your Live Class from your mobile’s cellular data internet connection (ie: Edge, 3G, 4G, LTE).  These cellular data are not consistent to handle smooth live streaming.

Setting up Zoom
In order to prepare for your class, you will need to set up “Zoom” for the first class you are conducting via Beauty2trs. Beauty2trs utilizes the convenient Zoom Video Conferencing system in order to allow you to stream live from your Webcam or Mobile device.
Beauty2trs Zoom platform will allow you to teach via live video class with up to 100 participant devices (including the instructor(s) and students), use HD video (mobile or computer devices), accept questions from participants and, “call on” students with virtual raised hands.

  • Stream from any device (Webcam + Computer, Mobile, Tablet, Android, iOS)
  • Organized Q+A System
  • Chat Function
  • Virtual Raised Hands
  • HD Recording of Your Class

If you are using an Android or iOS device please download and install the app and create a free Zoom account with the same email address used to register on.

What to Expect from Zoom
Practice Session
Click the link and join 10-15 minutes before your class begins. When Zoom launches, you’ll still be in “Practice Mode”.  Imagine this like being on stage but still behind the curtains.  This gives you a chance to get set up and make sure your video and audio are both working before you begin actually going live and broadcasting to your students.
Once finished with the practice session, you will need to click or tap on the “Broadcast” button to allow students to join the webinar. You should see a temporary green banner assuring you that attendees can now join.
Questions & Answers
Your students will be able to use the Q&A feature on Zoom, which allows them to ask questions by typing them in the Q&A box. At a chosen time interval (every five to fifteen minutes) you should takea short break from your class to review the Q&A questions and answer them live. Simply tap the Q+A button and read the questions, tap the “answer live” button and answer them live to yourstudents. Remember, the more often you take your breaks, the more smoothly your class will go– questions won’t pile up if you answer them frequently!
It is recommended to read the question out loud and then give your answer. This will make more sense to the students that may not have been using the Q&A function yet and may not have already read the question. This is also helpful for students that are watching the recorded version of the class.
Raised Hands
Zoom’s “raised hands” feature is a great way to keep students engaged with your class. For example, with this function you can:
  • Check if students are active and attentive
  • Conduct quick votes – “Who would be interested in an Advanced 3D design class? Please raise your hands”•
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Conduct student surveys -interact and ask question.
You can also lower hands. To do so, select “Participants” and then “Attendees” to look at which students currently have their hands raised. If you’d like to lower them, click “Lower All Hands.”
Number of Students
It is very common that students cannot attend your Live Class.  Typically an average of 10-25% of enrolled students joins the live class.  If students miss attending your class, the recorded version of the class will be available for students to watch after 24-48 hours of the class.

Live Classes

This section of the handbook will go over the following:

  1. Conducting a Live Class
  2. Wrapping Up The Class

Conducting a Live Class
Beauty2trs classes utilize the technology of Zoom Cloud Meetings to allow instructors to interact with students during your Beauty2trs Live Class.

An email invitation with your Zoom link will be sent to you within 24 hours of the live class. Please check your Spam/Junk Mail folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

Should you not receive the email or have deleted it by mistake then it is possible to join the class via the method below:

  1. Login to your Beauty2trs account prior the start of your Live class’ start time. (We suggest logging in within 15 minutes prior to your class start time).
  2. Once in your Dashboard, select the class that you will be conducting.
  3. Click/tap the “Join Class Session” button.
  4. If you’re on a iOS or Android device, you’ll be prompted to open your Zoom app. If you’re on a Mac or PC you’ll be prompted to download a small plugin and be able to attend class via your browser.

 Wrapping Up The Class
To wrap up your course, answer any last questions and then leave your students with a call to action. A call to action is simply a request for your students to do something.

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask them to join your Beauty2trs Facebook group to stay in contact with you and learn about your classes.
  • Tell them about upcoming classes.
  • Ask questions or conduct a poll about what to do in your next seminar.
  • Remind them that they are able to fill in a review of the class.

Once you’re done the class, simply hit “end meeting”, and end the meeting for everyone.  Not to worry, a copy of your class will be recorded for all enrolled students to watch again.

Recorded Classes

This section of the handbook will go over the following:

  1. Types of Recorded Classes

Types of Recorded Classes
There are two types of Recorded Classes.

  • Classes that have been recorded during previous live sessions. If you have missed your live class it will be available for you to rewatch it within 24-48 hours after the live class start time. 
  • Classes that have been pre-recorded. These are immediately available after purchase.


There is the saying, “a man is only as good as his tools”, that is true for online training too. This does not need to be an expensive exercise, however a couple of carefully selected items can make all the difference to a successful online experience.
  1. Filming Devices
  2. Camera Arms
  3. Lighting

Filming Devices
HD recording (720/1080p) is now available on most devices. We encourage teachers to use smartphone or tablet devices that were released no more than 2-3 years ago, so that you are equipped with the latest camera and filming technology. These devices are all great options for streaming your live class:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Smartphones
  • Webcam (720/1080p)
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920Logitech C615 Webcam

Camera Arms
Having a secure arm to hold your smartphone is important as you’ll be instructing with both your hands.  Arms usually cost a fortune for cameras but because we’re using light in weight devices like smartphones and webcams – we suggest arms like these:

  • Neewer Universal Smartphone & Tablet Stand (For Smartphones + Tablets)

Instructor Handbook 5

  • Arkon Mount Remarkable Creators 3 in 1 Bundle

Instructor Handbook 6

Great lighting can be achieved simply. Most likely your workspace already has enough light, and we think that natural lighting looks best.

If you don’t think your space will have enough light, we recommend these inexpensive lighting tools:

  • Softbox LightingInstructor Handbook 7
  • 2 x Ikea Tertial Table Lights with Philips Bulbs (CorePro LED 7,5W, 6500K, 806 lumen)

Instructor Handbook 8

Reviews & Ratings

This section of the handbook will go over the following:

  1. Reviews
  2. Ratings


We encourage students to leave reviews in order to help our instructors understand how they are teaching.  An honest review can not only help an instructors but help other Beauty2trs students get an understanding of what other students who enrolled in the class thought. Feedback always leads to improvement for future classes the instructor may teach.

Students use the review section for:

  • Helping other students understand the class
  • Helping Instructors improve with feedback
Reviews can be seen under your classes.
The “My Review” button on the Dashboard is for reviews you have written for others.

A rating is a scale rating of the class that students enrolled in.

Best Practices – Online Teaching

Good teaching practice is a key influence on student learning – a desired outcome and primary goal of educational institutions. Teachers strive to meet the principles of good practice in an effort to provide the best learning experience for their students. If you plan to teach an online course, adhering to these guidelines will help ensure both your and your students’ engagement, enjoyment, and success in the course.

  1. Establish Clear Course Learning Objectives
  2. Create A Better Learning Expereince For Your Students
  3. Student Engagement
  4. Create A Beauty2trs Student Facebook Group
  5. Provide Effective Feedback
  6. Follow the established course start dates and times
  7. Get Feedback
  8. Show Enthusiasm And A Passion For The Content You Are Teaching
  9. Teach, Don’t Tell
  10. Make Announcements & Share Resources
  11. Tech Test
  12. Class Frequency
  13. Etiquette

Establish Clear Course Learning Objectives
The most successful classes have clear learning objectives before the class is created. This will make course development far more efficient and effective and will provide a guide for further course development. Know what it is that you want the students to take away from the class and use this as your starting point!

Create A Better Learning Experience For Your Students
The best way to maximize your impact and success on Beauty2trs is to continually teach new classes on the platform. Each new class you teach is an opportunity to engage your existing students, capture new ones, and compound your revenue. Teaching multiple, shorter classes will also allow you to cover a much broader range of content and make the learning experience richer and more engaging for your students.

Beauty2trs classes that are bite-sized are easier for students to dive in and out of short classes that fit into their schedules, watch videos on the go, and learn skills gradually over time, rather than all at once. We believe this is the best format for online learning. As such, successful instructors imagine the whole set of courses they can teach. It’s totally up to you whether you teach 3 classes, 10 classes, or even a new course each month, but teaching many shorter classes will make the learning experience more engaging and accessible for your students.

Student Engagement
Live Classes – Connect with each student as the class begins to establish “teacher presence.” Connect with students right away and throughout the course. It is critical to give your students the sense of “teacher presence,” and make them feel welcome and engaged in the course. You would not ignore students as they entered your classroom, would you? Of course not! It’s the same online.

Use students names when addressing questions.

When possible start the class with you in view – this is far more personal that starting with the video focussing on the table. Let students fall in love with your personality as well as your skills! Skills can be duplicated, personalities can’t!

Create A Beauty2trs Student Facebook Group
Beauty2trs instructors are suggested to run and maintain an active Facebook Group for their Beauty2trs Students (Mary Coopers Beauty2trs Students).  It’s a great tool for instructors to communicate and engage with their students to continue to sustain and build an online student base even outside of the online classroom. Students may also be requested to post their homework assignments in here for feedback. A complimentary Facebook Group Cover image can be requested by emailing

Encourage students to join your Beauty2trs Student Facebook Group to encourage interaction with the teacher as well as interaction with fellow students. In this way you start creating a community with a loyal following.

When students see that you put time and energy into the group, they will too.

We recommend you check in daily.

Use your Student Facebook Group to promote new classes, give feedback on homework and create polls for to establish what your students would like to see in the next class.

Provide Effective Feedback
Depending on the class, it may be necessary for students to do homework in order to obtain a certificate. Suggest that this homework be posted in your Beauty2trs Student Facebook Group where you can provide feedback.

When providing feedback on student work, you have an ideal “teachable moment”! Simply telling a student “good job” or “needs work” doesn’t give them the information they need to succeed. They need (and want!) more specifics. What was it that made the work good? (So they can do it again!) What needs work and how can they improve? (Specifically!).

Start off with what they have done well and then help them along with the steps for improvement in the other areas. Stay positive!

Follow the established course start dates and times
When students register for your course, they expect that it will start and end as stated. A class that is scheduled for 2 hours that ends in 1 hour and 15 minutes can leave students feeling disappointed. Ensure that you have done a test run to establish approximately how you’re your class will last.

Get Feedback
Feedback from students is a great way to make improvements to the course or to your teaching.  Research has shown that the biggest influence on whether a student completes an end-of-course survey is you, the instructor! Please remind your students at the end of each class to submit a review for the class, for you as the instructor, or both, assuring them that the information that will be used to improve the course is important.

Show Enthusiasm And A Passion For The Content You Are Teaching
Students respond better and are more engaged with the content if you are excited about what you are teaching! This may be tougher when it is a Recorded Class as you do not have an audience, but just imagine that there are 20 students sitting in front of you as you prepare.

Always use a friendly and positive tone when providing replies on comments so that students feel encouraged and appreciated.

Teach, Don’t Tell
Remember that students can clearly see what you are doing, so it is essential to tell them why you are doing something and how, rather than what you are doing e.g. I am picking up the bead of powder with my brush and putting it on the nail (they can see that you have done this, tell them why and how). E.g. In order to create a medium sized bead of liquid and powder I need to remove excess liquid out of my brush by pressing the belly of the brush against the side of the dappendish. Place the tip of your brush at a slight angle into the polymer as working too flat will create a sausage on your brush instead of a bead etc.

Make Announcements & Share Resources
Let students know if you’ve published a new class or are hosting a live class, and share resources that you think they’ll find helpful, like articles, interviews, or anything else.

Tech Test
Required For First Time Instructors. All new instructors are required to schedule a live Technical Test with a Beauty2trs staff member. Through the Tech Test we can establish if the internet speed sufficient is for a successful online experience.

Class Frequency
Recommended: At least one class every 2 Months (60 days).
Consistency is key to building a student following – especially online.  This also means that your student continues to be engaged with you and your classes as you grow your online student base.
Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to publish your classes at least 2 weeks prior teaching the class.
For progressive classes, you are required to teach your next class within no less than 1 month (30 days) of the last class of the progressive class.

All instructors must perform professionally. We’re asking all instructors to simply use common sense – overuse of profanity, or abusing students or others can result in termination of your Instructor Account.

General Information

This section of the handbook will go over the following:

  1. Choppy or Slow Video
  2. Nothing is Loading
  3. General Issues

Choppy or slow video
Make sure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. We do not recommend watching or attending a class using your Cellular Data from your mobile phone provider.

Nothing is Loading
A common fix is usually clearing your browser’s cache or cookies. If that still does not work, restarting your computer usually fixes the issue.

General Issues
Check the following:

  • Ensure you are connected to a stable high-speed internet connection (WIFI or Ethernet)
  • Cellular Data connection provided by your mobile provider is not recommended
  • Update your browser (Smartphones or Desktop)
  • Make sure your Operating System is up-to-date

Privacy & Cookies: Beauty2trs uses cookies to ensure you get the best experiences. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, please click here to learn more.