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Babyboom stays forever, combine it with the latest trend!

Babyboom and Milk Bath Nails

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What You Get

HD video class with anytime, anywhere access
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Class Dates

Recorded Live
Duration: 60 mins

Class Description

Having difficulties with a Babyboom application?
It can be very easy with the right techniques and products!
Let me help you out and give away the trick about the ‘Milk Bath’ nails which are such fun to do!

Class Breakdown

In this class I will teach you to do a proper Babyboom nail by using different colours so you have more awesome options to create the most beautiful Babyboom nails.
I will also show you that there are several options to create the trendy ‘Milk Bath’ nails. You can use dried flowers, any inlay glitter, Mylar, etcetera.

Student Objectives

You can participate directly while I give you the live class.
You also have the possibility to train afterwards and I will help you doing your homework.
Your goal would be to understand how to create a perfect Babyboom and never have to say no again when you got a request from your client.

Supplies Needed

180gritt Buffer 180gritt File Cinnatize(also available in 30ml) Rubberbase Clear RevoGel Milky White RevoGel X-treme White RevoGel Pink Nude RevoGel Soft White RevoGel Sparkling Cover Pink(if you're working with a different brand, try it with that brand. There are also small jars available so you won't have to make that huge investment). Dust Brush Cleanser RevoGel Brush(or any other brush you prefer) Top Gel
taught by
Bargje Boudens BiBi's Beauty & Supplies

Bargje(A.K.A. BiBi) Boudens is the founder of BiBi's Beauty & Supplies.
She's been a Nailtech since 1998 and from 2004, she's active as a Global Educator.
In October 2016 Bibi produced and launched her own brand, LoveNess, which is growing internationally.
Her passion is to help nail techs with their struggles and to give as much confidence as she can to let you sparkle in everything you do.

How It Works
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