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Learning to manipulate your gel polish into 3D Designs

Extreme 3D Gel Polish Design

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What You Get

HD video class with anytime, anywhere access
Close-up instruction
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Student gallery submission for feedback
Design Handout
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Class Dates

Recorded Live
Duration: 90 mins

Class Description

Back by popular demand! During this class, we would like to take you on a journey to explore the possibilities with Gel Polish. We are taking the traditional product and turning it into an extraordinary material in order to create 3D objects.

This class is recommended for:
* Nail professionals considering entering fantasy competitions or photographic nail art competitions, then this class with teach you a technique that you can apply in your designs.
* Nail professionals wanting to explore the possibilities of their products.
*Nail professionals that enjoy creating.

During this 90-minute class students will learn the following:
* Extreme 3D butterfly with gel polish
* 3D bow with gel polish
* Various examples on what more can be created using this technique.

A certificate will be awarded on completion of one of the designs above.

Class Breakdown

During this class we will be focusing on the following:

* Creating basic shapes for your designs with gel polish
* Creating various effects on your gel polish shapes – marbling, foiling, chrome
* As an added extra you will get to view a few other designs created with the same technique to give you some inspiration

Student Objectives

Upon completion of this class, students will have the tools and knowledge to complete a 3D Butterfly design and 3D Bow design as shown during the course. They will also be able to apply the techniques for various other design.

Supplies Needed

Flexible Top Gel
Non Cleanse Top Gel
Gel Polish - various colors
Gold or silver transfer foil or Gold or silver gel paint
Nail Glue or Gem Gel
Chrome powder
Laminating paper

How to Earn a Certificate

Upon completing the class, students are encouraged to create one of the designs shown, or a new design using this technique and post a picture on "Tracey Lees Beauty2trs Tech Group" on Facebook. Once it has been posted, I will provide feedback there and issue certificates.
taught by
Tracey Lee Tracey Lee Nails

Tracey Lee has been a nail professional since 2003. Her journey in nails has been very varied, having worked and participated in various aspects of the industry including: salon owner, education, marketing, product development, consulting, judging, competitor to name a few.

Tracey is a regular contributor of articles and step-by-steps in national and international trade magazines.

Tracey’s focus now is more on the role of coach/judge, however in the past she has won several international competitions. A highlight of her career was in 2017 when she took the title of NAILS Magazines Next Top Nail Artist, an online competition spanning 8 months. One of the prizes of this competition was an invitation to New York Fashion Week with the CND Team. Since her first visit, Tracey has been working with the CND Teams on designs for New York, Paris and London Fashion Weeks.

Tracey’s motto is: “Education is the KEY - Keep Educating Yourself”. It is for this reason that she decided to launch Beauty2trs – an online nail and beauty education platform.

She continues to educate herself and share her knowledge and experience with others through education.

How It Works
  • Once you've enrolled, find your class in your class library
  • Watch on any device, any time, for a period of 1 year
  • Recreate and post your work in your Facebook Beauty Tutor Educator Group
Instructor Review
Tracey Lee
Tracey is an amazing educator and teaches in a way that it’s fun and explains everything so well
Class Review
Extreme 3D Gel Polish Design
What’s not to like about Extreme 3D Gel Polish Design. I’ve followed the instructions for the butterfly and had so much fun making it.. onto my next designs
7 natasjamiles-0804
February 13, 2020 | GB
Instructor Review
Tracey Lee
Absolutely love how clear the explanation Tracey gave during the class. The extra tips and hints also make sense, it felt like she was in the room with me.
Class Review
Extreme 3D Gel Polish Design
Highly recommend this class. If you don't do it you will be left wondering, Tracey is thorough and gives all the information you need to create and want to do more of your own designs.
8 sandradln69
February 8, 2020 | AU
Instructor Review
Tracey Lee
Tracey is een top educator. Ze legt alles duidelijk en helder uit en weet je er toe te zetten om je grenzen te verleggen!
Class Review
Extreme 3D Gel Polish Design
Deze workshop was voor mij een écht feestje! Duidelijke uitleg, mooie voorbeelden en inspiratie opgedaan voor zó veel meer met deze techniek!
9 Ibiza Beheer
January 22, 2020 | NL