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How to grow your own natural nails with gel enhancements. Learn the technique to maintain it and change designs easily.

Gel Infill, Rebalance & Watercolor Nail Art

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Class Diagram 2 - Application Of Builder Gel
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Class Description

I wear gel nails 365 days a year, I never had to soak off or remove all the product from my nails. My nails remain healthy and grows long naturally and I no longer need to extend them. This class is perfect for you if you work with regular clients who wants to wear gel enhancements long term and if you want to strengthen your natural nails to help them grow long without breaking or chipping. I cook, bake, clean and wet my hands a lot, but I always have a set of beautiful nails complete with nail art and never had to worry about lifting. When I have to remove the products to change a new set, I never have to worry about damaging my natural nails either. I will show you how in this class !

You will also learn an effective watercolor nail art technique in this class useful for salon works and perfect even for beginners.

Class Breakdown

Part 1 – Infill, Rebalance, Maintenance
Working on a set of nails that has outgrown after 3 weeks. Learn how to prep the nails, remove some layers, product application, infill the regrowth and rebalancing the longer nail.

Learn step by step how to create a fuller nail that adds strength and enhance the beauty of the natural shape without the need to file the nails. Gel polish application is covered in this segment.

Part 2 – Watercolor Nail Art – Abstract Floral Designs
You do not need to be an artist to handle watercolor! I will share with you an effective technique that is easy to work with and perfect for art on nails. You will learn how to create elegant and feminine watercolor designs and use some nail art materials to enhance your work of art in the process.

Student Objectives

– Practice hygiene sanitation for your work area and nails during prep
– Organise your workspace and make sure you have a table lamp when working
– If you are not trained to work with an electric file, please use a hand file instead. This is not an electric filing class, although it was used for purpose of demo. Therefore, if you are attempting to use the e-file, please receive proper training first.
– You can practice the watercolor designs on nail tips before painting on the nails.

Supplies Needed

Table lamp
UV/LED Gel Lamp
Electric File (only if you are trained) OR Hand File
Nail Prep (Sanitizer) & Nail Wipes (I'm using Akzentz Prep & Wipe)
Primer or Bonder for Gel (I'm using Akzentz X-Bond )
Flexible Medium to Thick consistency Clear Gel (I'm using Akzentz Build)
Gel Brushes (For application and liner brush)
Gel Top Coat ( 2 types - Matte type and Shiny type)
Japanese Watercolor (Gansai, White Knights or any strong pigmented type in pans)
Squirrel Hair brushes #1 and #2 (or any natural hair brushes)
Pearlescent Pigments
Water & Napkins

How to Earn a Certificate

Submit a "before and after" picture of one hand complete with watercolor nail art design taught in the class Email this picture with "your name" to appear in certificate to : with subject title : Gel Maintenance & Watercolor Nail Art Class
taught by
Catherine Wong NAILQUEEN

Hey there ! I’m Catherine Wong, a Singapore based educator and online course developer with a passion for nail art technology and entrepreneurship.

I am super excited to share with you my 18 years of experience and knowledge in education for the nail industry. I have worked with global brands as master educator for Ezflow, NfuOh, Akzentz and Odyssey Nail Systems. I have collaborated with Australian Champion Viv Simmonds to teach internationally under VivCat Design. I trained with industry's icons Tom Holcomb, Danny Haile, Alisha Rimando, Tom Bachik, Trang Nguyen, Enfu Oh, Lilija Michalikova and count many nail champions amongst my peers.

Through my journey as an entrepreneur, award winning competitor, international competition judge, professional nail educator, product and course developer and a published nail artist, I am confident that my skills and experience can empower you to achieve results. I look forward to seeing you in my class.

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