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Create stunning nails with an awesome shape and the most shiny glitters and embellishments!

Inlay French Russian Almond

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What You Get

HD video class with anytime, anywhere access
Close-up instruction
Answers to student questions from instructor
Student gallery submission for feedback
Earn a certificate!

Class Dates

Recorded Live
Duration: 60 mins

Class Description

After this class you will be able to apply your form as required to create this shape.
You will be able to see in which proportion you need to apply your nail bed extension vs French Manicure.
You will see that you can use all imaginairy tricks to create a magic effect with colors, glitters and other nail art embellishments.

Class Breakdown

– Prepare the Natural Nail
– Form Application
– Explanation about the proportions of the nail bed extension and french manicure
– Application of the product
– Preparation of the nail bed for the french manicure
– French manicure fun time!
– Filing steps
– Question time
– If time allows, we will show you some more tricks 🙂

Student Objectives

Set your table if you’re doing the live class with me.
Be sure have all products ready so you won’t have to miss a step :).
Our goal is to show you how to create an amazing nail with some simple nail art techniques and embellishments.
Alternatively, use the live class to watch and ask questions and then try it afterwards using the recorded version to review.

Supplies Needed

AcryGel/RevoGel Cover Pink & Clear
180gritt File
Diamond File
180gritt Buffer
Cuticle Pusher or Curette
Acid Free Primer, Bond or any other adhesive product for your brand
Paint Gel White or any other highly pigmented white
3 Bright Colors Paint gel or Gel Polish
(Magic) Chrome Flakes
Gel Brush for your Color Application
Detail Brush #1, #2, #3 (what will work for you)
Holo Glitters/Flakes
Scissor to cut your form
Pinching tool(just in case, you don't need it if we apply the form correct)
UV/LED Light
Manicure Brush

How to Earn a Certificate

In order to obtain a certificate, please post the following pictures in my closed Facebook group: 3 clear pictures of the nailbed elongation - side view, top view, front view. 3 clear pictures of the completed nail - side view, top view, front view. I will give you feedback on your work and issue an e-certificate via Beauty2trs on successful completion of your assignment.
taught by
Bargje Boudens BiBi's Beauty & Supplies

Bargje(A.K.A. BiBi) Boudens is the founder of BiBi's Beauty & Supplies.
She's been a Nailtech since 1998 and from 2004, she's active as a Global Educator.
In October 2016 Bibi produced and launched her own brand, LoveNess, which is growing internationally.
Her passion is to help nail techs with their struggles and to give as much confidence as she can to let you sparkle in everything you do.

How It Works
  • Once you've enrolled, find your class in your class library
  • Watch on any device, any time, for a period of 1 year
  • Recreate and post your work in your Facebook Beauty Tutor Educator Group
Instructor Review
Bargje Boudens
Class Review
Inlay French Russian Almond
11 IdaLangendijk
May 11, 2019 | NL
Instructor Review
Bargje Boudens
Great teacher!
Class Review
Inlay French Russian Almond
Very clear explanation
12 denisevan der drift
May 11, 2019 | NL
Instructor Review
Bargje Boudens
Very thorough and she gave some great tips about a number of things! Would definitely take another class with this instructor!
Class Review
Inlay French Russian Almond
Great class! Would highly recommend!!
13 bbrennan106
May 11, 2019 | US