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FREE class sharing unique, trendy animal print designs that are salon viable

Lux Safari Gel Design

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What You Get

HD video class with anytime, anywhere access
Close-up instruction
Answers to student questions from instructor
Student gallery submission for feedback

Class Description

This FREE handpainting class is created for nail pros at every level. The designs are built up in layers which gives you the opportunity to stop at any step or even exand on the same design to something more extravagant in a few easy steps.

For Dutch nail pros or nail pros visiting The Netherlands looking to follow this class in a classical classroom scenario, please feel free to contact me for available dates:

Class Breakdown

Creating lux animal print designs built up in different layers that can be broken down into more simple designs if required.
– creating backgrounds
– creating 3D gel elements
– building up designs to meet all clients needs

This is a class to stimulate your creativity and give you an idea of how I break down my designs.
This class will take you through the steps of how the background colors, 3D elements & fine lines are made.

Student Objectives

Result and feedback.
Complete a the 5 designs to receive certificate. Send assessment work to You will receive a feedback on your results of the training. Do not forget to mention which workshop you have followed and if you have any questions about the class. please place in the mail

Note do not forget to mention your Instagram or facebook profile in the mail, and dont forget to to put your logo on the photo of your results, so that we can share your beautiful results.

Supplies Needed

Oval tips
CN Art Gels or LVS Love2Paint Gels
Moyra Paint Gel White
CN Chrome Effect 1
Top Gel
Matte Top Gel
Roubloff #4 Brush
taught by
Nancy Janssen Studio Attitude

My nail career started about 9 years ago, and since then I have been living and breathing nails. I am constantly on the move and have successfully won various podium places in various competitions.

I am also active in creating nail art designs and I try to learn from every nail art design, competition and training. The passion for more and the newest techniques / products to keep developing myself.

As a freelance international Nail educator I am ready for you to take you to a higher level in theory and technical knowledge in the field of nail art, nail forms and of course providing educational training sessions, all from your own Nail salon.

Moreover, I incorporate the much experience from nail competitions into practice and can therefore give an honest answer to most problems in the field of nail art and nail styling.

By continuously perfecting my own work and my profession as a Nail Educator, I would like to share this essential knowledge with you. Looking for an opportunity to bring efficiency and expertise to help you as nail tech to develop in the best possible way and become motivated, and that you will grow in your own level in development.

And Last but not least!! I also believe that you will also learn many of my colleague educators in the online lessons, because everyone can let their talent shine in this unique platform.
I hope to have a nice mutual cooperation from you and eventually to meet you offline.

Lovely Regards Nancy

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

How It Works
  • Once you've enrolled, find your class in your class library
  • Watch on any device, any time, for a period of 1 year
  • Recreate and post your work in your Facebook Beauty Tutor Educator Group
Instructor Review
Nancy Janssen
Nancy takes the time to explain everything in detail. She teaches at a pace that a beginner can keep up with.
Class Review
Lux Safari Gel Design
The class was very interesting, I learned new techniques which I had not previously seen. Can't wait to practice them.
5 sylvie.roth
June 20, 2020 | GB
Instructor Review
Nancy Janssen
She explained everything really good. She take time to show her process.
Class Review
Lux Safari Gel Design
Please follow this course. I recommend everyone to do this. You learn a lot and it is so nice to watch! Well done, I'll hope to follow more from you.
6 beautyqueentholen
April 30, 2020 | NL
Instructor Review
Nancy Janssen
Great instructor, fun to watch and very clear about everything.
Class Review
Lux Safari Gel Design
Love this technique, only thing I have to admit is the camera quality and the times you are out of picture. So that's a point of getting better.
7 Artistech Nails
April 27, 2020 | NL
Instructor Review
Nancy Janssen
It was fun to watch Ynx
Class Review
Lux Safari Gel Design
8 sjel
April 24, 2020 | NL
Instructor Review
Nancy Janssen
She really explains good.
Class Review
Lux Safari Gel Design
Love this course, and so well explained I recommend this course for sure!!
9 belindakamps
April 19, 2020 | NL
Instructor Review
Nancy Janssen
I feel passion in the voice, that makes the design shine perfect. Well done, I love.
Class Review
Lux Safari Gel Design
Well explained, in detail. Even for beginners good to understand. I will try ❤️
10 tanab1978
April 19, 2020 | LU
Instructor Review
Nancy Janssen
Amazing instructions and detail! Well done with your English too. I am definitely going to try these. Might be an idea recommend alternative products from the UK too
Class Review
Lux Safari Gel Design
Great class,very informative. Every step explained.
11 kayleigh.evans
March 24, 2020 | GB