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There is so much more than just stamping! Join me........

Marble Dreams EN

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What You Get

HD video class with anytime, anywhere access
Close-up instruction
Answers to student questions from instructor
Student gallery submission for feedback
Earn a certificate!

Class Description

There is so much more than just stamping!
In this class we are going to work in layers and bring your stamping designs to a higher level!

You’re going to learn two cool marble designs with two different techniques.
And we will finish the design with a beautiful marble stamping design.
You will learn the best way to stamp!

Of course all the techniques can be used separately.
But even more fun it is to combine different techniques!

Be more creative and customize your stamping designs!

Class Breakdown

– Two marble techniques in multiple colors
– The best way to stamp
– To combine nail art techniques
– Wavy lines

Student Objectives

Challange yourself to combine multiple nail art techniques en be more creative with stamping!!

Supplies Needed

natural nail tips "oval"
27D Gelpolish 152-wit
27D Gelpolish 128, pink
27D Gelpolish 109, pastel green
27D Gelpolish 167, mint green
27D Gelpolish 178, glitter peach
Batik effect gel, or blooming gel
Nail Artists No wipe gel 402, or painting gel white
:YOURS stamping Polish, moss green
:YOURS stamping plate :YOURS love Winnieisawsone ‘marble and stone’
:YOURS halo stamper
Lint roller
Lecenté D1, fine nail art brush
Lecenté S1, striper brush
Lecenté A1, angle brush

How to Earn a Certificate

Share a photo of two designs from this class in my Beauty2trs Students Facebook Group* to earn a certificate. Also you get feedback and you can drop your questions. Design 1: the first marble technique with a stamp and create it in your own colors. Design 2: the second marble technique with a stamp in different colors then design 1. *Susan Strijbosch Beauty2trs student
taught by
Susan Strijbosch Suuz'rs

Susan has been around for several years in the beauty industry. She runs the successful hair and nail salon Suuz'rs.

Susan trained as a professional Nail Educator and worked until 2019 as CND™️ Educator Ambassador. Now she is an inspiring educator for Pika-Nails, Nail Artists,: YOURS and Lecenté.

Susan's passion is nail art and in particular ' fast ' salon nail art. Therefore, she is also a big fan of the stamping technique: fast, easy and a high wow-factor!

Be inspired by the beautiful designs by Susan and follow one of her classes!

How It Works
  • Once you've enrolled, find your class in your class library
  • Watch on any device, any time, for a period of 1 year
  • Recreate and post your work in your Facebook Beauty Tutor Educator Group

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