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Bringing your flowers to life with 6 designs across levels I and II

Realistic Flowers

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Class Description

A collection of floristic decorations that are very popular among stylists. These designs are perfect for every season of the year, they fit any styling, they can be freely modified to match the colors to your client’s preferences.
You will get an amazing effect in a short time, which will be useful in your daily work, where you only have 10 minutes to make designs.

The training is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theory consists of 4 lessons presented in the form of one video, while the practical part has been divided into 6 separate lessons. Each lesson is a different design, to which you will be able to return easily and quickly without rewinding the film. The course includes learning designs from the 1st and 2nd level of Realistic Flowers.

** This class is from Anna Sikora and has been translated into English. Voiceover is Tracey Lee.

Polish version is available on

Class Breakdown

A detailed diagram of the structure of the petals.
– Working with a brush – i.e. pressure, direction, rotation, lifting at the right moment.
– Step-by-step description based on the presented graphics.
– Correct color blending.
– Choice of colors.
– Accurate planning of designs, broken down into individual stages.

– Selection of products and brushes needed for work.
– Color analysis of individual decorations.
– Paint Gel work
– “Wet to wet” and “wet to dry” blending.
– Correct arrangement of designs.
– The proportions of petals, what shape should they be, what to pay attention to when painting them?
– Exposing details.
– Working with a thin brush.
– “Smoke” effect.
– Brush work – theory in practice.
– Learning 6 decorations (3 decorations from level I and 3 decorations from level II)
– Nobody is perfect. How to correctly correct your mistakes?
– Graduation of the level of science.

Student Objectives

– After viewing the theory and practical videos, students should be in a good place to be able to replicate the designs.
– The class is built up into level I and level II with three designs in each. Students can follow classes 1 through 6 as upskill as they go along. The techniques build on each other as you go through the classes.

Supplies Needed

Paint Gel – NORIKO NAILS (Paint Gel colors used in the training: Neon Pink, Dark Blue, Blue, Neon Yellow, White, Yellow, Neon Coral, Orange, Chocolate, Black, Forest Green, Neon Green, Turquoise, Cinnabar, Dark Red, Cherry)
Zhostovo Brush No. 2 NORIKO NAILS
Gel Brush # 2 or # 4 background brush
Liner Brush No. 1 NORIKO NAILS
White nail tips for decorations, size 0
Buffer or block
Shiny top gel
Matte top gel
Nail wipes
UV Cleanser

How to Earn a Certificate

In order to obtain an e-certificate of the training in pdf form, you must send at least 3 decorations. After accepting them, I will upload a certificate via the Beauty2trs platform.
taught by

I specialize in Nail Art Design which is a graphical form of word expression. I work as a nails stylist from 2009 and I constantly develop my abilities by participating in various fairs, training courses and contests. I am currently a Nail Educator and a Major Distributor of Astonishing in Poland and Creator of the new brand Noriko Nails. My profession gives me a great pleasure and a lot of satisfaction.
- Judge of the Nail Art Championship in Poland
- Multiple winner of Nail Art Competitions
- CEO Noriko Nails
- Main Educator and Distributor Astonishing in Poland

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Instructor Review
Anna Sikora
NL: Wat een geweldig leerzame les van Anna Sikora! Heel duidelijk en goed te volgen! Chapeau for Anna! xx EN: What a wonderfully educational lesson from Anna Sikora! Very clear and easy to follow! Chapeau for Anna! xx
Class Review
Realistic Flowers
NL: Een hele duidelijke en uitgebreide les! Zeker de moeite waard om nog meer webinars te volgen via Beauty2trs! Dank jullie wel Anna en Tracey! xx EN: A very clear and comprehensive lesson! Definitely worth it to follow more webinars via Beauty2trs! Thank you Anna and Tracey! xx
9 pgjdehaas
January 14, 2021 | BE