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Mix media technique

Romantic Paris – mix media

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Class Description

During Romantic Paris Painting Design Course you will learn different techniques for creating complex background (sponge blend, transfer foil, stamping, free hand painting) and gel painting to achieve beautiful compositions.
We create together 4 very detailed designs.
You’ll learn fabulous designs – together with your imagination give you a perfect start in creating more stunning designs.
Continue improving your Nail Art skills with instructor Dorota and learn the NEWEST WORLDWIDE DESIGNS
After completing the training you would be able to receive an accredited certificate. (Just send me your work for assessment)

Class Breakdown

4 stunning designs. With detailed explanations to teach you how to achieve the same results.

Student Objectives

Complete 4 designs

Supplies Needed

Gel polish
Transfer foil
Uv/Led lamp
Colour gel
Fine brush microstyler #0000
One stroke brush
Matt top coat
Stamping kit

How to Earn a Certificate

taught by
Dorota Palicka Dorota Palicka International Nail Artist and Educator

Name - Dorota Palicka

Age - 34

Nationality -Polish

Business name- Dorota Palicka International Nail Artist and Educator

Location - Fort William/ Scotland

Years in nails - since 2005

System - Nail Perfect

Few of the latest achievements:

Nail Technician of the year 2018

Global Educator for Nail Perfect

Best Educator 2017 (International Beauty Partners)

Best Education 2017

Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards Nail Technician of the year 2017 overall winner

Judge in Nail Competitions

1st place boxed nail art Scottish Beauty 2014

Scottish Nail Tech Overall Winner 2014

Finalist Nail Artist of the year 2014

1st place freestyle nail art challenge Scottish Beauty 2013 Edinburgh

1st place boxed nail art Scottish Beauty 2013 Edinburgh,

Winner of Scottish hair and beauty awards- nail technician of the year 2012,

and many more : many 2nd and 3rd places at Professional beauty Manchester and Edinburgh 2011-2014 , finalist Scratch stars awards 2013

All over the world nail Magazines step by steps contributor

contact details:

Dorota Palicka

unit 1

Mamore house, Parade Rd

Fort William

Ph33 6ba


phone +4407999653276,

Quick Interview

I was interested in Art from a young age. Many of the Art courses brought out my creative side. After High School I went to Beauty School. On the first day I thought this was industry for me, I love Art, so why not use a Nails as a canvas. In 2005 I finish professional Nail course. I was able to create a gel, acrylic and fiberglass nail enhancement. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to work as an nail technician due to the language barrier as me and my Family move to small village in Scotland in 2006 originally from Poland. Nails are my passion, into which put your whole heart and soul, so in 2009 I decide to open my own “Kingdom of Nails“. Few months latter I run my own business (Nails, Tanning and a Beauty studio).

In 2011 I became an educator, since then I enjoy every single minute spend with my students. As an Nails Educator I’m fully qualified lecturer of further education with extensive industry experience - offering my students the very best training available.

The aim of my courses is to provide the highest level of training possible, backed with the best support program in the nail training industry.

I do love teaching nail art our first DVD training that the Jewellery nail art which is a technique of using gel and transfer foil. In the next couple weeks we will have a one stroke DVD ready for sell too. As an Educator I travel all over the world to teach the newest techniques available on the nail market and that a part of my carrier I will be concentrate in the next few years. At the moment travelling around the world to teach my techniques. Just this year had a chance to show my nail art skills and techniques to artist in Iran, Turkey, Australia Poland, Netherlands, Iceland..

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