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11 different salon techniques to create amazing effects and textures in your designs

Salon Savvy – Texture and FX

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What You Get

HD video class with anytime, anywhere access
Close-up instruction
Answers to student questions from instructor
Student gallery submission for feedback

Class Description

  • A class with the focus on salon savvy designs with cool and interesting effects and textures.
  • 11 different salon techniques in several different variations.
  • The idea is to learn the technique, recreate it and then take the technique to the next level with your own design.
  • Learn to create textures, embossing, various metallic effects and so much more!

Class Breakdown

  • Various applications to create different textures
  • Various applications to create special effects
  • Various applications to create different backgrounds
  • A close up demo of each of the techniques with downloadable printouts to help explain the design

Student Objectives

The objective for the student is to get an understanding of each of these techniques in order for them to be able to not only recreate these designs, but to use these designs to create their own unique designs.

Supplies Needed

These are the products I use, I have not been specific on colors as you can choose colors you prefer:
Gel Polish
Chrome Pigments
No Cleanse Top Gel
Fine Glitter
Transfer Foil
Clear Gel
Acrylic Powder
Art Gel
White Builder Gel
Water Decals
Base Gel
Thin fineliner application brush
taught by
Tracey Lee Tracey Lee Nails

Tracey Lee has been a nail professional since 2003. Her journey in nails has been very varied, having worked and participated in various aspects of the industry including: salon owner, education, marketing, product development, consulting, judging, competitor to name a few.

Tracey is a regular contributor of articles and step-by-steps in national and international trade magazines.

Tracey’s focus now is more on the role of coach/judge, however in the past she has won several international competitions. A highlight of her career was in 2017 when she took the title of NAILS Magazines Next Top Nail Artist, an online competition spanning 8 months. One of the prizes of this competition was an invitation to New York Fashion Week with the CND Team. Since her first visit, Tracey has been working with the CND Teams on designs for New York, Paris and London Fashion Weeks.

Tracey’s motto is: “Education is the KEY - Keep Educating Yourself”. It is for this reason that she decided to launch Beauty2trs – an online nail and beauty education platform.

She continues to educate herself and share her knowledge and experience with others through education.

How It Works
  • Once you've enrolled, find your class in your class library
  • Watch on any device, any time, for a period of 1 year
  • Recreate and post your work in your Facebook Beauty Tutor Educator Group

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