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Part 5 of 11 of the Natural Nail Journey

The Eponychium, Matrix, the Nail Plate (1 of 3)

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Class Description

This is the start of our journey into the nail plate – 3 classes dedicated to the nail plate, we plan to blow your mind.

First a little important information about the eponychium, then we are going to find out, where the nail plate comes from, how that works and what happens when it doesn’t work well. It is highly recommended to follow all 3 classes (Part 5, 6, 7 of the Nail Journey) on the nail plate to get a complete understanding of how it works.

This is an 11 part series on Natural Nail Anatomy & Pathology. Each of the classes cost €35 excl VAT. It is possible to follow individual classes, but we highly recommend doing the full syllabus to get a well-rounded knowledge of the natural nail unit.

Class Breakdown

Hi everyone, hope you and your families are still all safe and well.

Just to let you know that Part 5 – The Eponychium, Matrix, Nail Plate – is the first of a 3 part sub-class within the Anatomy & Pathology Series.

We will be covering:
– Information about the eponychium
– Where the nail plate comes from
– How that works
– What happens when it doesn’t work well.

The PDF workbook will be uploaded for you to use by friday so you can read it and make additional note, this lessons fun so I hope to see you there. Sending much love, Tracy

Student Objectives

To understand where the nail plate comes from – but then in depth, when we are finished with these 3 nail plate lessons you should be able to play NCIS for nail plates with no trouble at all.

Supplies Needed

Headphones, pen, paper and a smile
taught by
Tracy Anne Shelverton Gorge Nails

I am Tracy Anne Shelverton, passionate nail nut.
Mind you, I’m a nail nut and not a nail product nut. Other nuts in our business are nuts about products and the incredible things you can do with them. The most brilliant nuts develop enormous skills enabling them to turn nails into incredible pieces of art. My passion on the other hand focuses on the nail itself and on maintaining and improving its integrity whatever we build on top of it. And when I say passion, I mean the kind of passion, that wants the whole world to know about it.
My passion for the natural nail unit was driven by ‘gut feelings’ when I started in this industry many moon’s ago. Soon I realized that not all problems in the nail plate can be fixed by simply buying more nail products and that some nail problems can even by created by technicians that treat them to the best of their knowledge. If we don’t understand how the nail unit works then we can throw cream cheese at it and still not solve the problem.
So I started to read and learn. I got inspired and educated by Doug Schoon and other leading experts in the nail industry and realized that if we change the way we educate ourselves and others then we can also change the way we use our products. Using the right artificial nail product on the right nail plate is a must, but how do we know what to use when product manufactures only train us in product application and nothing else?
This brought me to where I am now. My place in our nail world is with the natural nail unit, its exactly where I should be, it’s my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, I love art, and colors and sculpting – I love all things that bling, just like all of you do, but what’s the point in all that beauty if when we remove the enhancement we need to keep our hands in our pockets for fear that someone might see that we trashed our nail plates along the way? Today if I remove my nail coatings what you see are intact nail plates – and that drives me forward every time again.
I teach an 11 week course in Anatomy and Pathology of the Natural Nail, taking you on a journey around the nail unit in bite size pieces that are easier to digest than trying to learn it all in a day or struggling through a book if reading is not quite your thing. We have found that it’s a really effective way to learn, we hope you will think that too 
Welcome to my world in our world -

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Tracy Anne Shelverton
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The Eponychium, Matrix, the Nail Plate (1 of 3)
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