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Animal prints are HOT! Learn to create them the easy way.

Wild Life

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Class Description

Do you love animal prints as much as I do? Well, I will teach you step by step how to create them with easy techniques. This class is suitable for a beginner as well as for an advanced nail stylist.

Class Breakdown

In this class you will learn how you can create animal designs even if you can’t paint. We will using several different techniques such as:

  • Stamping
  • Aeropuffing
  • Sanding
  • And more…

Student Objectives

The objective of this class is for you to be able to create amazing animal designs that are quick and easy to implement in your every day salon work. Suprise your clients with new designs and techniques.

Supplies Needed

Clear acrylic powder
Glossy Topcoat
Matte Topcoat
Transfer Foil
Paint Gel
Rubber Base
Dotting Tool
taught by
Sascha Gossen Pink XL

My name is Sascha Gossen and I'm a brand-independent Nail Artist and Educator from the Netherlands. Nails are my passion! This passion started about 9 years ago. I’d often say that it’s not blood, but acrylic liquid running through my veins. I even dream about nails and to relax, I go into my nail salon to create new designs for my workshops. I specialized myself in fast, easy, but fabulous salon nail art. I enjoy it so much to show how you can match different techniques and so create amazing designs. I love to share my knowledge and get people as passionate for this beautiful branch as I am. Creative Greetings, Sascha *Imagine - Create - Inspire*

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